LIGHTING IS A POWERFUL tool for highlighting the outdoor environment. Bringing previously dark building facades to life and making landscapes seem other-worldly. In this time of excessive light pollution of our urban night skies, our goal as lighting designers is to create dynamic visual moments while respecting codes established to protect the natural environment.

Modern Theatre

Lighting of Historic Facade
CBT Architects
Boston, MA

185 Franklin Street

Façade and Beacon Lighting
Elkus Manfredi Architects
Boston, MA

Ames Hotel

Exterior and Façade Lighting
Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc.
Boston, MA


Sculpture in Memorial Gardens
BSO/Tanglewood/Ann Beha Architects
Lenox, MA

Carnegie Tower

Façade Lighting
Burt, Hill
Portsmouth, RI

Fan Pier-Parcel B

Façade and Mechanical Penthouse Lighting
Elkus Manfredi Architects
Boston, MA

Governor Bellingham-Cary House

Façade Lighting
GBCH Association
Chelsea, MA

Independence Hall

Clock and Façade Lighting
Bargmann Hendrie + Archetype
Philadelphia, PA

Needham Public Library

Façade Lighting
Ann Beha Architects
Needham, MA

One Channel Center

Façade Lighting
ADD Inc.
Boston, MA

Suffolk University

10 West Façade Lighting
Boston, MA